Top Songs of 2011: 20-11

As we get closer to my favorite songs of 2011, some themes are starting to develop. First, I’ve discovered that saxophone solos can be cool. Second, I’m really into songs about counting.

20. “Midnight City” – M83

Saxophone count: 2
I want to pick apart this song down by each sound effect. It seems like this song could have been created entirely on a Casio keyboard, but it was produced to hell to make a great track.

19. “Under Cover of Darkness” – The Strokes

Another song that rules mainly because of the drums. This sounds almost nothing like The Strokes that I remember, but I’ll take it.

18. “Life’s a Happy Song” – Cast Recording from The Muppets

Hands down, the happiest song on Earth. I wish I could have found a video clip from the movie, because it might be my happiest moment in a movie theatre.

17. “Feel So Close” – Calvin Harris

Calvin Harris needs to hurry the hell up on his next album. Between this and his work on Rihanna’s song (yeah, that’s coming), I really can’t wait.

16. “Rumour Has It” – Adele

My choice for best use of foot stomping in a song for 2011. Plus, this is the least overused radio song from 21.

15. “Hawaiian Air” – Friendly Fires

Equally a great and horrible song to listen to while flying. I support skipping the meal for a G & T, but not falling.

14. “Countdown” – Beyoncé

Beyoncé’s best use of a high school marching band since “Crazy in Love.”

13. “Killer Crane” – TV on the Radio

Again, I’m weak-kneed for songs with methodical piano. Also for songs about cranes.

12. “Numbers in Action” – Wiley

Wiley is severely underrepresented in the U.S. 100% Publishing was absolutely my favorite rap album of the year.

11. “Edge of Glory” – Lady Gaga

Saxophone Count: 3
This is the kind of pop music I go for: Strong female vocals, simple premise, not preachy, amazing beat.


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