2012 Prep Course: Andrew Bird

2011 wasn’t a terrible year for music, but it for me, it just wasn’t an incredibly exciting year. However, 2012 looks incredible. Of a surprisingly long list of artists releasing music in the next year, here’s Andrew Bird.

Andrew Bird – Break It Yourself (March 6)
I used to go to music festivals quite a bit. Even though you don’t see nearly enough of the bands as you’d like, festivals are more cost-effective (based on the lineup) and I’ve been more likely to pick up on new music at festivals. As a case, I went to Intonation Festival in Chicago in 2005. I think I knew two bands going in, and came away with about six new favorite acts.

I remember walking around Union Park and I heard this:

That’s from 2005’s Mysterious Production of Eggs.
As far as I know, Andrew Bird is the best whistler in music today. I might be wrong, I don’t care. I didn’t even know “best whistler” was a thing to be proud of until this, but here we are. He’s the most widely talented musician in modern music (again, my opinion) and watching him perform live is incredible.

The last three Andrew Bird albums have been instant favorites. You might have heard this song from an appliance commercial. It has some lady balancing an apple while she does yoga, I think. It’s from Armchair Apocrypha in 2007.

That album was a constant play during a road trip I did in 2007 with a friend of mine. The mix of styles and instruments was perfect for the changing settings.

I have issues picking my favorite from 2009’s Noble Beast. It’s my favorite of his albums. I’ve chosen the song with my highest iTunes play count to share, but there are a lot of good tracks. It’s a little faster than most of his songs.

Last year, he beautifully covered my favorite Muppets song.

Finally, there’s this TED Talk from 2010 that I just recently came across. It’s a bit long, but it’s fun to see him go back and forth between all these instruments.
Andrew Bird’s one-man orchestra of the imagination [TED.com]

He’s playing nearby in May, and I was so excited when I found out that I bought tickets six months early. He’s an act that I’ll do whatever it takes to see, because he’s so impressive to hear and watch. Here’s a very uninformative preview of Break It Yourself, available March 6.

Andrew Bird – Break It Yourself from Mom+Pop on Vimeo.


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