The slow decline of Justin Timberlake.

The International Consumer Electronics Show is an annual conference that makes me wish I went to law school straight out of college so I can buy all the cool things. Engadget has some pretty great coverage.

There are some really great ideas, and some really awful ideas. Like this one: MySpace is Reborn at Panasonic Press Conference, Unleashes Justin Timberlake

Here’s the idea from JT and company, copied from the article:

“Users will be able to watch/listen to these songs and comment on what they think about them simultaneously, creating an audience experience. It will be expanded to television and movies, with additional channels featuring news, sports, and reality TV.”

The idea is that users will be able to comment on what they’re watching in realtime with other users… which is exactly what people do on Twitter and Facebook, and a lesser known but super awesome service called IntoNow. Myspace expects customers to sign up for a new service that already exists in at least two waaaay more popular forms. Bad idea. It also relies on customers that primarily watch their favorite TV shows live, which fewer and fewer people actually do.

I knew from the headline that there were going to be some awful, awful ideas involved in that conference. The first indicator was seeing ‘MySpace.’ The second was seeing ‘Justin Timberlake.’

In the last four years, the guy has been striking out on almost everything. He’s done some cool things, like The Social Network, but it’s hard to screw up direction from Aaron Sorkin and David Fincher. But he used to do awesome things all the time!
Remember this?

So good!

And this:

Also really good!

Then came the Justin Timberlake Bad Idea Train.
Exhibit A: The Love Guru

Exhibit B: “Carry Out,” a four minute song about hookups as they compare to ordering Taco Bell.

Exhibit C: He called Jessie J “the best singer out there right now.” Maybe he meant just in pop music. He knows that Mary J. Blige is still around, right?

Exhibit D: He cofounded the William Rast clothing line, which varies from looking like everything else at Target (not a burn, just pointing out how typical the line looks), to this:

Are those pants furry, or heavily bleached? What the hell? Timberlake is continually looked up to as one of the most well-dressed men in America, and he produces this?

Exhibit E: Yogi Bear

Points to the guy for trying to have a diverse portfolio. I’m not saying “stop trying.” But, come on man, you need to bring us some music again. Come back to us. We miss you.


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