H*A*M vs. AvX

[Forewarning: Y’all are lucky I made it this far without expressly taking about comics.]

In April, Marvel Comics is releasing Avengers vs. X-Men. It’s a high-concept character-driven story featur—- HAHAHAH just kidding, it’s just going to be superheroes zapping each other.

All week, Marvel has been releasing some super cool teaser art. It’s total nerd bait. Also this week, I’ve been listening to Watch the Throne a lot and playing with Photoshop. So, I combined all the things!

The tagline for this is “It’s Coming,” which is very… unfortunate.

Also this week, I finished The Sense of An Ending by Julian Barnes. It was great, but it in no way fits into comic books or Watch the Throne. I can’t mash up everything, guys.

It’s been a good week for TopStacks! I’ll be back next week with some links to some great new music, and possibly something about Community and Happy Endings, and how they’re both just okay, and that’s fine.

See you Monday!


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