The Biggest Lies I Heard Today

Paula Deen, the Scourge of Norway, went on TV this morning and said she’s a champion of moderation.

"Just this one bite, and then no more! And then maybe ten more."

Maybe she just set a weird tone for the day, or maybe I was more sensitive to obvious untruths, but I kept seeing and hearing lies everywhere.

Other than Paula “Everything in Moderation and by Moderation I Mean Add More Butter” Deen, here are five more lies I heard today.

1. Jay-Z will no longer use the word “bitch” (via Buzzfeed).

I give it two years, tops.

2. Bill O’Reilly calls himself a “brother” (via Gawker).

Nope, Bill, you are still super white. The inability to separate Ice Cube from Ice T doesn’t make you “white,” it makes you an idiot.

3. Between the Lines calls Margaret Thatcher a “gay icon.”
[Read through for BtL quote.]

A suit coat and a commanding voice do not a gay icon make. This is even more true of a woman who, as Warren Ellis put so well, wanted to “eradicate homosexuality even as an abstract concept.”

4. “Cruise ships are still totally safe.” — Some lady on the elevator.
SO WRONG: More bodies recovered from stricken cruise ship [CNN]
Related: The cruise ship captain was a wuss.

5. “Wonder Woman shouldn’t use guns!” — Some nerd on Twitter.
Wrong, she can use golden guns.


Gosh. Let’s all be a little more honest.


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