The Best Things I Saw/Heard Today

My last post was a downer. This one’s happier!

The Google Page on Facebook
I like this for two reasons:
1. Some people think they can use it for a search engine.

2. It’s like a carnival freak show.
(Some of these are fake, I don’t care, it’s hilarious.)

This Baby

The New DC Comics Logo(s)

I love this. It’s a simple design, but each comic is going to have a different logo with a different style. It’s modern and takes advantage of all the embellishments that digital can provide.

Newt Gingrich, a Champion of “Traditional Man/Woman Marriage,” May Have Wanted an Open Marriage
Exclusive: Gingrich Lacks Moral Character to Be President, Ex-Wife Says [ABC News]
Marianne Gingrich could be lying, and Brian Ross has a less-than-stellar history of reporting, but Newt has a history of marital relationships that are inconsistent with what most people would call “moral” or “traditional.” I love it when people who make a career out of judging the lives of others turn out to be total hypocrites.

Sean O’Neil at the AV Club on Whitney Cummings and Lana Del Rey

This. All of it. I could not have put that entire subject in a better way. O’Neil is quickly turning into one of my favorite pop culture writers.

GLAAD Nominates X-Factor, Batwoman for Outstanding Comic Book of the Year
I like that GLAAD recognizes so many forms of media. Every year they nominate five or six comics, and this year they nominated two of my favorites. Batwoman and X-Factor deal with LGBT issues (among others) with a great amount of dignity and respect. The writing on X-Factor has been consistently great, and Batwoman is just gorgeous.

J.H. Williams III (a)

Apple’s iBooks Will Support Textbooks
Apple iBooks 2 textbook hands-on (video) [Engadget]
They take up a lot of space, but I plan on getting all the new textbooks I can get. $15 to relearn basic chemistry is a damn steal, I think. E.O. Wilson’s Life on Earth is free in the iTunes Store, too.
I’m not sure about handing tablets to kids in high school, but this is going to be great for college students once this catches on in the next few years.

New Music! “Heart of the Continent” by John K. Samson

Provincial from John K. Samson (of the totally great Weakerthans) could be this year’s winter album.
Note: I gave myself a three week break from listening to new music, but I’m back! I hope to have a Top Music post at the end of every month.

Also, it snowed here in Michigan! It’s a good day.


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