The Best Comics I Read in January

2012 comics are starting off strong. Some questions raised:
Wouldn’t you rather be Wonder Woman than Superman?
Who’s the most unlikeable person you know that you really should go see?
Don’t you want a bigass sword?

Amazing Spider-Man 677 / Daredevil 8
Mark Waid (w) / Emma Rios (a), Kano (a)

Mark Waid wrote a quick and fun superhero team-up story with some neat espionage flourishes and a pretty cool plot upturn, but Rios and Kano are what made the crossover even more interesting. The art is dense and kinetic, which is how I think Spider-Man and Daredevil comics should be drawn. My two favorite examples are below. Click to make bigger!

Art by Emma Rios

Art by Kano

Arty by Kano

Defenders 2
Matt Fraction (w) / Terry Dodson (a)

Matt Fraction has a way of writing superhero comics with enough eccentricity to make Defenders modern and classic at the same time. He uses characters that are so different, but Fraction plays them off each other in a way that makes sense. Also, they fight animal guys.

Art by Terry Dodson

Wolverine 300
Jason Aaron (a) / Ron Garney (a), Adam Kubert (a), Steve Sanders (a)


For me, Jason Aaron is the only writer to ever make me care about Wolverine. Being Wolverine sucks. He gets shot up all the time, and people pop up out of nowhere and try to kill him all the damn time. Now, I feel bad for hating him so much. In #300, he fights ninjas on an airplane full of poison gas. That would suck so much, right?

Art by Adam Kubert

Wonder Woman 5
Brian Azzarello (w) / Tony Akins (a)

I know I just wrote about how I’m maybe the worst feminist ever, but I think Azzarello’s doing a decent job of making Wonder Woman a really great character regardless of her gender. She might be the most admirable superhero in modern comics. She has a decent power set and a great attitude considering her messed up complicated background, and she’s certainly more relatable than Batman or Superman. There’s a lot to like about this series iteration of Wonder Woman, but I especially like small aspects, like how each god has some animalistic traits. The reveal of Poseidon was my favorite comics moment of January.

Art by Tony Akins

My favorite comic of January:
Whispers 1
Joshua Luna (w & a)

I’ve been looking for a new non-superhero comic to get into, so Whispers was a nice buy. Sam is a mysophobe who spontaneously develops the ability to travel outside his body, unseen by others but able to read and slightly influence their thoughts. There are some great character stories available here. In the first issue, he visits his estranged and devout-if-not-a-crazy-zealot mother.

Art by Joshua Luna



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