The Best Songs Inspired by Sports

The Super Bowl is this Sunday! I have no idea who’s playing, or if it will be a good game. I do know this: I like short-form entertainment and snacks, so I’m in.

This guy is really excited:

Madonna is performing in the halftime show. I’ll post her new song so she won’t bring disease upon my crops:

Have you tithed to Madonna this season?

I’m gonna give it a hard “meh.” She showed up, so I’m sure she’s extra proud of herself.

Here are some much better songs to get you in the sports mood.

Won’t Trade” by Q-Tip

Backfield in Motion” by Mel & Tim

Varsity Blues” by Wale

Joe DiMaggio Done It Again” by Billy Bragg & Wilco

The Champ” by Ghostface Killah

The Sporting Life” by The Decemberists

And this one, because I can’t NOT mention it:

Before I go, can I ask a question? I did notice that people stopped saying MEGATRON on Sunday, so maybe Megatron is a football player who is not in the Super Bowl. Is that right? That’s too bad.

The hosts of the SB party I’m attending are making something called “Buffalo Chicken Mac and Cheese,” so I will be having the BEST time. Have a great Super Bowl weekend!



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