The Best Music I Heard in August, September and October

Aaaaand we’re back. As much as I like writing here, I was on forced hiatus while I left my job (!), moved to a new city (!!) and got a new job (!!!). Now that I’m settled, I can get back in the habit.

I’m planning an election post this week and another in the next few weeks about comic book nerds. After that, I’ll need a post about puppies again. There’s been so much yelling.

Until then, here’s an extended post with lots of my favorite music from the last few months. In particular, I really liked the albums from Amanda Palmer & The Grand Theft Orchestra, Jessie Ware, Baroness, The Mynabirds, Passion Pit and Yeasayer. Try to guess which songs were included in my pre-interview playlist!

EDIT: I switched to Spotify!


“Aquababe” by Azaelia Banks

“Esta Noche” by Azaelia Banks

“Make It Look Easy” by Busta Rhymes feat. Gucci Mane

“Groundhog Day” by Corin Tucker Band

“Neskowin” by Corin Tucker Band

“Running” by Jessie Ware

“Prisoner of Love” by Noisettes


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