Election 2012: Shut Up, Lutz

Could there possibly be a more judgmental time period than election season? In the past week, I’ve been indirectly accused of the following things, based on my possible choices:

–If I vote for Obama, I’ve endorsed the deaths of hundreds of civilians through drone strikes.
–If I vote for Romney, I’m greedy and against equal rights.
–If I vote third party, I’m wasting my vote.
–If I don’t vote, I’m a bad American.

Those are my options, boiled down to blanket statements. They all suck to varying degrees. But I’m an adult, so I’m going to pick one of my sucky options and not feel great about it, because (I think?) that’s what adults do.

Your opinion of my vote is not important. You are more than entitled to your own opinion and I hope you feel strongly about something because you probably should. But you should know that making blanket statements about your neighbors based on their personal choices is universally a Dick Move.

Knowing that, I also realize that my opinion of your vote is not important. So, you know, do whatever you want. Go vote, stay home, whatever. I care what you do, but I’ll shut up about it. If you’re over 18, a taxpayer and cleared of all charges, nobody has the right to tell you what to do or how to do it. Just try not to hurt anybody in the process.

In summary, this is how I feel about elections:

Here’s what would make me feel better about the next election:
–More viable candidates. Obama and Romney said “I agree” more times in a third debate than I’d like to hear from two millionaires with the reins to the nation.
–More discussion. I watched all four debates, and the frequent topic was jobs. It’s arguably the most important topic, but it dominated the discussion to the point that in six hours the candidates pretty much avoided other incredibly important issues. If you were looking for discussion on women’s rights, gay rights, gun control, the housing market, poverty, climate change, religious freedoms, veterans benefits, then the debates were not for you.
–Less celebrities. I thought the Clint Eastwood thing was hilarious, but I was over it after two days.

The good news is that Wednesday is one of my favorite days. To rephrase Lisa Simpson, it’s the longest time until more elections. I am so happy to be part of a system where we have some say in how the future progress, and I’ll try to be less judgmental next time, but I’m going to get so hopped up on comic books and dance music this weekend because I’m burnt.


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