The Best Music I Heard in November & December

Musics! First, some news items:
1. This is my last monthly roundup. I’m not doing this next year. I made it through the whole year so I met the goal I set for myself in January, but I’ve lost just enough interest in music to not be that keen on doing this for another full year.
2. My 2012 favorites list will probably go up in two weeks.
3. I got shut down by the Feds! Actually, I got a DMCA complaint that disabled Dropbox streaming, so I’ve had to edit all my previous posts. I’ve been getting a bunch of hits lately, so I should have seen that coming. I’ve switched to using Spotify playlists with supplemental YouTube videos of any songs Spotify does not have, which is a lot.

I’m considering taking all of next year to ignore new music and just listen to older music or stuff I’ve missed. The more I did the “best new music” thing, the less I wanted to be associated with this.

ANYWAY, happy times! Music! Go.


“I Kinda Like These Criminals” by Frank John James (click through)

“Phresh Out the Runway” by Rihanna

“Everything Has Changed” by Taylor Swift feat. Ed Sheeran

“Oh Yeah” by T.I. feat. Trey Songz


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