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Top Songs of 2011: 10-1

Before we continue with the final ten, let’s think about what we’ve learned.
1. If 2011 was an instrument, it would be a saxophone. It was loud, surprising, annoying, and only partially useful.
2. Counting can be educational AND fun!
3. If you’re looking for sexy, soul music while Justin Timberlake is off making horrible movies, Mayer Hawthorne makes a decent substitute.
4. Rihanna – She’s okay! Let’s give her a chance.
5. Open question to rappers: Instead of making a good mixtape and a bad album, why not make both a good album and a good mixtape? Please provide the answer in 2012

We did it, guys! The last ten songs! We’re the best.

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Top Songs of 2011: 50-41

Welcome to the first of a series of posts dedicated to my favorite songs of 2011. In past years, I normally would put a link up to downloadable versions of each song. However, my guilt has gotten the better of me. Instead, enjoy some streaming versions (with pictures!), and if you like the song, go buy it!

This is meant to be a way to share my favorite songs of the year, not as a criticism of what other people enjoy. If you want an informative¬†expertly-written rundown of music in 2011, I recommend you check out The AV Club, or Pitchfork, or Stereogum, or the multitude of other sites out there that specialize in telling you what’s good and why you’re wrong in thinking other things are good. Those guys/ladies get paid to be correct and to write well, and they’re very good at it.

That said, I hope you like these songs!

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