A very personal letter to Major News Outlet:

Hey! How are you? Are you okay? I’m worried about you. I hope I’m not overreaching, but in the past few years, you’ve seemed… shaky. On edge. Desperate. Let’s be honest, you’ve always been a little weird and out there, but lately… something’s up. It’s like you stopped caring. Frankly, you look a little sloppy.

You used to be a little calmer, more reserved. Even when events were so mind-blowing, you showed some professionalism. Now, you jump to conclusions quite a bit. It’s like you’re paranoid or something. You used to be really interested in the economy, the law, education. Now you talk about the Kardashians a lot. Like, a lot. You used to travel quite a bit, too. Have you been to Africa lately? Syria? Iraq? I see you share a lot of photos and videos that others have taken, but you seem to spend a lot of time in LA. I think you should get out more.

Your friends bother me, too. Piers Morgan? When did that start? I didn’t even know you guys had anything in common. I guess that Joe Scarborough fellow is okay, but, you could do better. And Wolf! He’s not a bad guy, just… he’s not very bright. Not really your type.  Remember Christiane? She was great! So smart and knowledgable, such poise. I don’t see her enough. How is she? Do you still talk? Oh, and I heard what happened with Mr. Nye the other day. You guys used to be friends! Different circles, I know, but you would still get together and chat. Listen, you were rude, and you should apologize. That wasn’t like you! That wasn’t the you that I grew up with.

I’ve been meaning to say something. That mess with the Supreme Court was hard to watch. I really thought that would be your low point, but you followed that up with that Gotye nonsense just a few days later. iReports? User uploads? You barely know those people! That is dangerous and can lead to the type of thing you shouldn’t be wrapped up in. I think you know that. Just this morning, you kept showing a video from that horrible Colorado shooting. You know which video, I’m not sharing it. It was a bit gruesome and really didn’t provide anything substantial. You always steered clear of that when we were younger, but now you just dive into that nonsense. No class.

We haven’t had the strongest relationship. Maybe I don’t check in enough, or I’m not as honest with you as I should be. But honestly, you’re just not as dependable as you used to be. You’ve always been my annoying buddy, easy to poke fun at, sometimes just absolutely frustrating, but you were there when I needed you. When I needed intelligent, honest advice, you were there. I used to share your stories. “Did you hear what Major News Outlet said?” Now… I just can’t trust you. No one trusts you. “Better wait to hear what Jon says.” Jon? Nice guy, but… this guy?

You are less trustworthy than this guy.

We all change as we get older. I get that. But, look at you. You’re a mess. Please. Think about getting some help. It’ll be better for both of us. I just hate to see what could happen if you don’t turn this around.

I miss you,



The Best Music I Heard in June

This post would have been on time, but I had the hardest time narrowing this list down for June. Not a bad problem to have. Also, the July 4th holiday popped up in the middle of the week, so I still don’t really know what day it is.

Halfway done! I loved the new Fiona Apple and Big K.R.I.T. albums. The new Hot Chip is the equivalent of Gotye’s last album, in that about half the songs drove me nuts while the other half were pretty great. Death Grips took me by surprise. I’m still kind of stuck on The Gossip. Overall, a good month for songs, maybe not so much for albums.

EDIT: I switched to Spotify!


The Best Music I Heard in May

I’m on time! This is going to be a larger post because thankfully I made it through a lot of great new music this month. I just want to high five the music industry in 2012 so far. Well done, guys. Even the Adam Lambert album wasn’t bad.

Another different thing about this post: I’ve decided to use a streaming sources instead of YouTube videos. The pages should load faster and the quality should be a little better. I’m learning! Just hit the play button.

EDIT: I’ve switched to using Spotify!

“Paralyzed” by Oddisee feat. Bon Iver

The Best Music I Heard in April

Rabbit Rabbit!

I did pretty well with keeping up on new music this month. I stepped out of my comfort zone and tried a lot of new stuff, but man, a lot of it was bad. It ranged from boring to just not good.

Still, the year is shaping up to be really good for music. Some of my April favorites were Jack White’s Blunderbuss, Kool A.D.’s 51 mixtape, Strange Land from Yellow Ostrich, and New Wild Everywhere from Great Lake Swimmers.

“Myth” by Beach House

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The Best Music I Heard in March

I’ve been behind on blogging. Not that I owe you jerks any explanations, but March is a busy month for me. Not only was it my birthday month, but there was also a new Angry Birds edition released. So, life has been nuts.

[A note about music this year: I’ve decided to stay away from singles until the album release. I don’t have a decent explanation for this, but I mostly just like to hear the whole album in one new listen. So, some of the singles are old, but came from newish albums.]

“Medicine” by Alex Winston

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Pre-Grammys 2012: I Don’t Get It

“We – the grown-up influencers in this country, the people with platforms and with educations and with power — are allowing a clear message to be sent to women: We will easily forgive a person who victimizes you. We are able to look beyond the fact that you were treated as less than human, that a bigger, stronger person decided to resolve a conflict with you through violence. We know it happened, but it’s just not that big of a deal to us.

“I’m Not Okay With Chris Brown Performing at the Grammys and I’m Not Sure Why You Are” [HelloGiggles]

That, on repeat, over and over.

For the last few hours, this has been popping up in my mind:
In the same ceremony, one organization is going to honor Chris Brown as an artist of distinction while also eulogizing a woman whose life was irreparably damaged by a man who was abusive in every sense of the word.

On every level, the Grammys are completely out of touch.